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Aikido for everybody!

Are you attracted by Aikido?

Aikido is a Japanese martial art, developed by master Morihei Ueshiba.

The literal translation for Aikido is: harmony between body and spirit. In the trainings attention is spent towards a good attitude as well as a good posture. The main goal of Aikido to conquer an opponent is going along with its movement and use his power against him.

The harmony is emphasized in Aikido. There’s being trained on techniques in which no power is used. This makes Aikido exceedingly suitable for young and old, men and women!

On regular times initiation courses are organised. The minimum age is 10 years. A jogging will do fine for the first course, but if you already have a kimono this is even better.

Did you always felt like trying Aikido, do not hesitate and join the initiationcourse! We like to welcome everybody on a first free acquaintance lesson Aikido!

Aikidokids! Aikido for kids.

Are you already 8?
Aikidokids Initiatie

Aikido is a fascinating way to learn self-control and flexibility through a martial art. It improves your physical, mental and emotional balance and helps you to deal with conflict situations in a peaceful way. You can always be yourself, even with the changing nature of everyday life.

Because there is no competition, there is no winning or losing. It is not a matter of muscles, size or weight.

In a playful way, we learn you the techniques and principles together with a correct posture, breathing and moves.

Aikido is also a view on the Japanese language, culture and tradition. It is closely interrelated with the Eastern view of man and health.

We are in possession of a Bloso degree obtained at the Flemish Trainers School, awarded by the Flemish community, enabling us to teach even young pupils.


Just because it's fun!

You will be supple and strong.

You learn to move fast and smooth.

You learn to work well together.

Do you like it? Then you are always welcome for a free introduction to aikido!


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