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Our Teachers:

Staf Kostermans, Godan (5e dan) Aikikai so Honbu -- Shidoin AAI -- Dojo Cho (Chief Instructor)


Edwin Coenegrachts, Sandan (3e dan) Aikikai so Honbu -- Fukushidoin AAI


Jos Van Haegenborgh Sempai Sangen Zelem, Sandan (3e dan) Aikikai so Hombu

Bloso Our teachers received a certificate by Bloso!


Location of the Dojo:

Sportcentre "De Kambergen"

Kruisstraat 35 - 3545 Zelem


Tel. 013/44 22 22


Zelem is close to:

Halen, Diest, Herk-de-Stad, Lummen, ...


When the main entrance via the cafetaria is closed, use the side-entrance at the left side!!!


Main entrance via Cafetaria

Walk left around the corner to the second entrance.

Left side entrance

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In 1995, the club was founded and named Samoeri Zelem. In september 2007, it was renamed to Aikido Sangen Zelem and joined V.A.V.

Sangen: Square - Circle - Triangle
O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba often said: "The only way I can explain aikido is by using these three most perfect geometrical bodies" (Source: The way of harmony - J.Stevens)
Square meaning perfection, circle for solidarity based upon a good shape and triangle symbolising the generating of energy and initiative.

At this moment, again two year later, the club joined the federation AAA/AAI - AAI Belgium.

Our students are trained using the old Japanese system of Shirata Shihan and John Stevens Sensei - i.e. classical aikido - under supervision of Staf Kostermans yodan classical aikido.
The lessons are subdivided into pillars:
Shiho - Irimi - Kaiten - Kokyo - Osai - Ushiro - Tenshi - Ukimi
We try to form the aikidokas using these techniques towards their "way of life".

By joining the AAI our club enjoys lessons regularly by which mainly the "ki"-line is brought much more clear. Nevertheless still forming one unity with our classical training, this is mainly a very big profit in our way of how we experience aikido.